Emergency Plumber & Drainage
Expert in Glasgow

Located in the West End of Glasgow just north of the River Clyde, Anniesland is fully covered by JSL Plumbing and Heating for all gas heating and plumibg emergencies. With our fast emergency response call out service, we can be at your front door within 1 hour as part of our guarantee to always offer the best in quality and service for all plumbing and heating services. So if you are after a plumber to fix a leaking tap or a gas engineer to fix a broken boiler before the winter chill creeps in then JSL is the team to call. Servicing Anniesland as well as all areas of Glasgow.


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.



Anniesland Plumbing Case Study:

We were called out to an emergency plumbing job in Anniesland. The customer had poured hot liquid fat down their kitchen sink and when it had solidified it had blocked the drain and water was not able to drain away. We used some of our drainage tools to clear the block and helped to clean the inside of the pipes to remove any bad smells. We were at the customers front door on the same day that they called us.