Bad Smells from blocked Drains

Are you getting bad smells coming from your drains?


It could be a sign that you have a blocked pipe, clogged toilet or a crack in your drainage system and sewage water waste is not draining away.

Sometimes that smell is not coming from the bin with last nights fish remains. Sometimes, that bad smell can be the first sign that you have a blocked pipe or clogged drain. At JSL Plumbing, we hear the same story time and time again. A bad odour appears from the toilet or the kitchen sink, water starts to drain more slowly and then the real problems begin.

And if the problem gets worse, then luckily for you, we can be at your door in under an hour.

Solutions to Bad Smells from your drains and pipes


High Pressure Jetting & Rodding >>>


High pressure jetting can be used to clear blockages from your pipes and drains and literally blast the bad smell away.

Septic Tanks


If you have a septic tank and the smell is coming from there, Drain Doctor can provide regular maintenance which can cure funny smells and improve the life of your septic tank.




A soakaway is a bit like a well and can dispose of unwanted water which can build up and be the cause of the sewage or mould smell that you have.




There can be so many causes for your bad smells coming from pipes and sinks that the only way to be sure is to call us out to fix the problem. And remember - we dont have a call out charge.

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