Just 16 miles away from the centre of Glasgow, Balfron is a village filled with history - and historic plumbing and drainage systems. So it should be no surprise that from time to time old pipes cracked, ancient drainage systems get blocked up and really old boiler systems break down.


JSL Plumbing & Heating is a specialist plumbing and heating team who cover Glasgow and the surrounding areas (including Balfron) fixes jobs both big and small. Our business model is based on repeat business and referrals so you can always be assured that we will offer you the very best service and high quality workmanship. So if you live in Balfron and you need a good plumber or a highly recommended gas boiler heating engineer then give us a call today.


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.



Balfron Drainage Case Study:

A customer in Balfron experienced a drainage issue when their toilet blocked and would not flush. Luckily for them, it did not cause any water damage to the bathroom but the toilet itself was filled to the brim with water and would not drain. We were called out the customer, confirmed the issue, confirmed the charge and then proceeded to fix the blocked drain issue.