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JSL Plumbing & Heating is an expert plumbing and heating firm based in Milngavie and covering all of Glasgow including Bearsden G61.


We cover all plumbing and heating services from broken taps to leaking radiators and everything inbetween.

So if you live in Bearsden and you are in need of the following services...


Drainage Services

Blocked Drain Repairs
Bad Smells from Drain
Drain Unblocking
Sewage Decontamination
Drain Cleaning
Drain Repairs


Plumbing Services




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Bearsden Plumbing Case Study:

A customer had gone on holiday and while away, their daughter had held a party. While thankfully nothing was damaged at the party, a collection of cigarette buts had been dropped down outside drains. During a rain storm this caused a blockage and water started to overflow from the blocked drains creating a flood in the customers garden. We were called out to unblock the drain and clear away the rubbish that had caused the issue.