Emergency Plumber & Drainage
Expert in Glasgow

If you are in need of a top quality plumber or drainage team in Bellshill then you are in luck. JSL has expanded to now provide the very best in plumbing and drainage services in Bellshill Glasgow.


Sitting next to Motherwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge, Bellshill sits just outside of Glasgow City and is one of the many postcode areas in and around Glasgow that we now offer our services to.

So if you can hear the drip drip sound of leaking pipes behind the wall or if there is a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink and the water simply won't drain then you need to call the team at JSL Plumbing and Drainage. We are available throughout the year and with our high testimonial ratings that you can find elsewhere on the site, we are the right plumber at the right price when you have an emergency water leak or drain blockage.


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.