Blocked Drains & Drainage Services in Glasgow


Blocked Drain? Bad Smell? Overflowing Waste Water?


It may be a blocked toilet, clogged shower drain or something a lot more troubling but when a blocked drain or clogged pipe needs to be unblocked ASAP then JSL Plumbing is here to help. We use the latest equipment to fight blocked toilets, blocked sinks, outside drains, washing machine and dishwasher blockages as well as rain water downpipes.


So if you notice a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink, bathroom drain or sink hole then give JSL Plumbing & Heating a call today. We cover all of Glasgow and do not charge a call out fee. All our work is guaranteed and if it is an emergency, we can be at your door within 1 hour or we will take £10 off your bill.


So if you need a high pressure jetting to unblock your clogged drain pipes in Glasgow, give the 5 star rated plumbers at JSL Plumbing a call today on 0141 406 1658



Blocked Toilet

Blocked sink bath or shower

Blocked outside drain

Sewage smells

Washing machine or dishwasher not going away

Rainwater down pipes blocked

High Pressure Jetting




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