G11 Postcode Broomhill is located in the West End of Glasgow next to Thornwood, Partick, Hyndland and Jordanhill. The mixture of victorian snad stone building, mid 20th century high rise flats and everything in between means there is a vast mix of building techniques, age of piping, fittings and heating systems. In these circumstances, you want a plumber or heating engineer who knows what they are doing. And that is why JSL Plumbing and Heating is the number one choice for all emergency and non emergency call outs for general pluming and heating fixes to full bathroom installations and heating systems.



Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Broomhill Plumbing Case Study:

We were called out an address in Broomhill. The older style victorian home had a broken pipe that had been caused by freezing ice. As soon as the ice had melted the pipe had begun to leak which was causing a flood outside the owners home. We were able to shut off the water and fix the leak while carrying out a safety check of the rest of the pipework to ensure that no more cracks were apparent.