Burst pipe? A guide to what you should do.....

Firstly, turn off the water. Sounds simple right?


Well often it's not. If you live in a tenement flat chances are you may have more than one incoming water supply. Often rising water mains pipes run up behind the end of the bathrooms in most Glasgow tenements. Also theres often another rising water main in the kitchen, sometimes under the kitchen sink. Also its possible there may be an incoming water main in the cupboard that is close to the front door of your flat (sometimes the gas meter is in there also.

Try these places, hopefully you may find a stop tap. Remember to turn off a stop tap you need to turn it clockwise until it stops moving.


Storage tanks:

If you are unlucky you may find that the burst pipe is a pipe that comes down from a storage tap in the tenement loft (these are often feeding cold water bath/basin taps). If one of these has burst and there is no way of isolating it locally then you may need to get into a tenement loft, which also means you need a big ladder and also the padlock key (most loft trapdoors has a key which residents should hold).


Once you are in the loft you need to figure out with tank feeds your flat, it may be simple but often its not and you don?t want to be turning off your neighbours water! At this point with all that hassle it?s probably best to give us a call so we can take that sort of stress away.


Most modern flats you will find the stop tap under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard in the hall. Sometimes it will be in the same cupboard as the gas meter/fuseboard. Just turn off the stop tap and give us a call and we?ll pop by and fix the leak.


In modern houses a lot of the time the stopcock will be under the kitchen sink but if the house is a big property sometimes the stop tap can be found in the garage. If you are having problems locating it, just give us a call on 0141 406 1658 and we can advise you.


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