Emergency Plumber & Drainage
Expert in Glasgow

Do you have a plumbing emergency or a drain blockage problem and live in Clydebank? Sadly you do - thats why you are here. At JSL Plumbing and Drainage our team of highly skilled plumbers, gas central heating engineers and drain blockage experts are here to help fix the blocked drain or plumbing issue you have.


Clydebank features a variety of properties, a lot of which were built after World War II. While this may seem unremarkable, unfortunately for so many of the new properties that were built in the area of Glasgow around that time suffered from low grade materials, thinner copper pipes etc. This has led to many failed pipes, cracked drainage systems and leaking water under houses.


With our guaranteed quality work carried our by trusted plumber and drainage experts, we can be at your door in an emergency drain situation within ONE HOUR! Our years of plumbing and drainage experience dealing with properties old and new across all of Glasgow we are a Tried, Tested & Trusted plumbing, heating and drainage company who pride ourselves on our work and know that repeat business and referrals only comes from doing a good job. So if you have a plumbing emergency or you need your boiler fixed, we are just a phone call away.


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Clydebank Plumbing Case Study:

We were called out to a plumbing job in Clydebank. The customer wanted their new dishwasher to connect to the drainage system under the kitchen sink. We were able to install the new plumbing work and test the system to ensure it was all sealed tight.