Drain Repairs and Unblocking in Glasgow

Do you need a Drain Repair Expert in Glasgow?


Drains can crack, split, bend, fold, rust or warp causing water damage, leaking and a build of bad smells on top of being blocked.


Older drain systems still rely heavily on older more perishable materials which over time can wear and suffer fatigue. With the water pressure running through so many pipes and drain systems, it is no wonder why we suffer so many drainage issues in Glasgow.


At JSL Pluming & Drainage, we provide a drainage repair service to get your drains back up and running. If you have a cracked pipe or a water leak from your existing drain system then call our team today on 0141 406 1658.


We treat drainage repairs seriously. We use some of the most advanced and toughest machinery and drainage technology that is around (that's right, we use more than just the mighty plunger). High pressure jet systems, long line systems and bending arms allow us to get to the hard to reach drain blockage with the minimum of disruption.


Case Study:

We were called out to a home under the suggestion from the customer that there was something wrong with their boiler. They heard the sound of water running around where the boiler was located and believed that the water in the system was just continually running.


When we arrived, we quickly found that this was not the case. Copper piping originally installed in the 1960's had finally worn through and a hole 3mm in size had begun gushing water out at a constant rate for a week before the client had called us.

We managed to isolate the location of the broken pipe, shut off the water supply, replace the drain pipe and begin the process of drying out the wet damaged areas.


While the experience was obviously traumatic for the customer, they gave us a glowing review which you can read on our testimonials page here >>>