Unblocking Clogged Drains in Glasgow

Do you have a blocked drain that is clogging up your kitchen pipes?


It can be a collection of hair, a build up of grease or other food waste or a million other things but at some point in life we all get a blocked drain. A lot of blocked drains can be fixed quite easily however for everyone that is easy to unblock, there are ten more that require the professional touch. And that is where JSL Plumbing come in. Our team of expert plumbers and drainage experts are on call to help fix your plumbing issue. So if you have a blocked drain that you need unblocked, we are here to help. Using some of the most effective and advanced unblocking equipment, we can be at your door in all emergency and non emergency situations.


Simply call our Glasgow team on 0141 406 1658 to find out more.