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Finnieston is the new hip place to be on a Saturday night in Glasgow (and indeed most nights in Glasgow). Situated on the north bank of the Clyde just down from Byres Road, Partick and Kelvinbridge, Finnieston is full of trendy bars, fancy restaurants and of course a large number of tenament flats. And with all those homes comes lots of toilets, kitchen sinks, old pipes and drainage systems. So it is only natural that from time to time we get a call from a resident of Finnieston who has an issue with a blocked toilet, clogged drain or leaking bathroom tap. Our team of expert plumber and drainage engineers are here to help fix all problems with the minimum of fuss to you and disruption to your lives.


All our work is guaranteed, we DO NOT charge a call out fee and if it is an emergency, we can be at your front door within one hour or we will give you £10 off your final bill without question.


So if you live in the area of Finnieston, Glasgow and you need a helping hand with your heating system, new bathroom or kitchen installation or something else like a leaking tap then simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Our genuienly friendly team of plumbers are based in Bearsden and cover all across Glasgow.


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Finnieston Plumbing Case Study:

A new build kitchen had not been installed properly by a previous fitter and water had been leaking behind the sink and into the home below. The neighbour called to compain and we were called out to investigate. The leak was quickly discovered and the sink was re-sealed making it waterproof. The situation could have been a lot worse but thankfully the problem was identified quickly.