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As part of the centre of Glasgow's West End, Hyndland G12 Postcode is a part of Glasgow full of red sand stone tenemant flats and old victorian buildings. There is new housing and modern flats and apartments next to Hillington and historic landmarks such as the Cricket Club. Hyndland is an area covered by JSL Plumbing and Drainage where we offer all the plumbing services you would expect of a 5 Star company. So if you have a leaking tap, a blocked drain, a leaking radiator or a broken boiler/heating system, JSL Plumbing & Drainage is the right company to fix your plumbing or heating issue.


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Hyndland Plumbing Case Study:

A customer went to have a shower when they noticed a bulge in their ceiling. Curious, they gave it a wee prod and the ceiling gave in right above them and drenched them in a build up of water that had been leaking from the neighbour above. The leak continued and we had to be called out in an emergency to access the upper neighbours home, shut off the water and fix the issue. We were then able to return and fix the broken ceiling in the downstairs neighbours bathroom.