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Famous for its school and a highly desirable location in the west end of Glasgow, Jordanhill, has a large percentage of the homes in the area being terraced housing from the mid 20th century. While they are lovely houses, they are still old and that can mean a whole host of plumbing and heating problems.

If you are sick of having to deal with leaking taps, toilets that wont flush, cracked flooding pipes and blocked drain then you need the JSL team to visit (remember we do not have a call out charge) and put things right.


The same goes for central heating systems. Your house may be running an old boiler heating system that is not efficient, takes an age to heat the house, costs a fortune and is constantly breaking down. Maybe its time you called JSL Heating Services to enquire about getting a new boiler heating system installed to your home to keep you toasty in the winter. Our full heating systems may be right up your street. And of course we also offer servcies such as radiator leak fix and boiler servicing to make sure your home is running at optimum.


Do you live in Jordanhill and are looking for a quotation for a new boiler, boiler repairs, plumbing leaks, blocked drains or more?
Then simply get in touch today - remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Jordanhill Plumbing Case Study:

An under stairs shower room that had been installed without proper planning consent and therefore lacked proper ventilation was creating a build up of mould thanks the the condensation from the shower. We were called out and have added a ventilation system that makes the room compliant but also removes the damp problem in the shower room.