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Just north of the River Clyde and joined to Broomhill, Dowanhill, Kelvindale and Hyndland. Close to the hussle and bussle of Byers Road, Kelvinside in the west end of Glasgow is famed for its large victorian houses. These houses however were built using old building technology which means that insulation, heating systems and plumbing in the building is not up to todays standards. That means that many homes in Kelvinside can face constant issues with heating and plumbing.


At JSL Plumbing and Heating our team of highly experienced and highly recommended engineers are here to help with whatever plumber or heat issue you may have.

So if your old victorian bath taps have begun leaking, we can fix it. If your pipes have rusted/corroded or cracked from old age and are leaking in your kitchen then we can fix it.

Heating systems that work with cast iron radiators and other older style decor that is commonly found in there types of home in Kelvinside. Our team has many years experience dealing with older heating systems, either fixing them, repairing broken systems, fixing old corroded radiator leaks or even fitting whole new boiler systems to these types of home.


Do you live in Kelvinside and are looking for a quotation for a new boiler, boiler repairs, plumbing leaks, blocked drains or more?
Then simply get in touch today - remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Kelvinside Plumbing Case Study:

A leaking shower basin had begun flooding the living room of this victorian home. We were called in to fix the problem and quickly got to work fixing the leak and put together a report that could be used for the insurance claim.