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Expert in Glasgow

Just north west of the Campsie Fells lies Killearn. Just outside of Glasgow, Killearn is one of the many areas of the Glasgow North that JSL Plumbing and Heating cover. Offering all the standard plumbing and heating services you would expect from leaking taps to broken pipes and faulty heating systems. The difference being that JSL Plumbing and Heating offers years of experience and a high quality reputation for offering reliable plumber services and high quality boiler servicing.


So if you have a plumbing emergency or a heating catastrophe and you need a plumber and heating tradesman you can trust there is only one logical choice - JSL Plumbing & Heating


Remember we do NOT charge to come and visit you.


Kilearn Plumbing Case Study:

A client called us out because their bathroom had poor ventilation and the steam from the shower had begun to peal the wallpaper from the walls. We fixed the damp issue by building a vent into the window and fixed the damp walls.