Monthly Plumber & Blocked Drain Tips

- If your boiler isn?t working check the pressure gauge, it should read around 1 bar of pressure. If its at zero then it won?t fire up until more water is added to the system. Normally its quite an easy thing to do. If you are struggling to do that on your own let us know and we can help. Check if it has power going to it, your boiler may be fine but the electrics feeding it could be faulty.


- Are you having water leaking downstairs after an upstairs shower? Take off the bath panel then shower the wall tiles a little and see what happens, it might just need some new silicone around the bath or once the panel is off you may see a leaking waste pipe. Either way you may be able to see what the problem is and knowledge is power


- Radiators not heating up? Do they need bleeding of air? You can buy a bleed tool from b&q and do it yourself if you have the time.


- Shower temperature fluctuating? If it?s a shower that runs off your boiler then chances are the cartridge (controls of the shower) is broken. Though its worth checking the filter first as dirt in the filter can cause temperature to change


- Tap always running? If its an old style tap these can be fixed by changing washers. Modern taps have a cartridge (hot & cold mixing controls) and can be expensive to change. Sometimes unfortunately its cheaper to replace the tap than repair.


- Constantly having to top up the boiler pressure to get the boiler to work? Chances are you have a leak in the pipework or a radiator on the central system. Also the boiler could be losing pressure. Best get a professional to look at it.


- Toilet constantly having water running into the bowl from the cistern? There could be a couple of reasons for this; firstly the filling valve may be set too high (its letting too much water into the cistern and then the water is exiting via the overflow into the pan) this is easily fixed. The other reason could be that the actual flushing mechanism is leaking and that is sending water into the pan. The good news in these are both simple fixes


- Water coming through the ceiling? If its constant, this means its mains supply water and you need to turn it off as it will just keep coming. If it only happens when you shower/bath etc3Ü4then it probably is coming from a waste pipe, which you can?t turn off (just don?t use the shower/bath till we?ve looked at it).


- The weather is freezing cold and your boiler has stopped? A common problem is the condensing pipe from the boiler to outside has frozen and the water has backed up into the boiler and is stopping the boiler from working. You can cut the condensate pipe to stop this happing, it?s a white plastic pipe 20mm or so in diameter (always check with us if you are unsure before doing this)


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