Plumbing Services in Glasgow

Plumbing Leaks

If you need a plumber to come to you in within the hour to fix a leak that can’t wait CALL US... We will have our dedicated plumber with you within the hour.

Our plumber will assess the job and tell you how much the cost will be to fix it. You can then decide if you would like us to fix it. WE DON’T CHARGE ANYTHING TO COME AND LOOK!!!

Whether it’s a leaking shower or a toilet that you need back up and running we can get to you quickly and get your problem fixed.


Burst Pipes

If its freezing cold and you have a burst pipe don’t wait CALL US!!... if you are in a flat this can cause chaos to your neighbours and your own home. Most burst pipes are quite simple to fix so don’t delay, get in touch


Changing Taps and fixing toilets

Taps are common items that break, most of the time it’s quite simple to replace them, and sometimes you can fix a tap with a washer replacement
Toilets often cause problems due to the fact that they get used so much and then break down. Most toilet problems are either the flush mechanism or the filling valve. These are normally quite easy fixes so don’t be worried about getting them fixed. We can do it for you.